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Customer satisfaction is our priority, because you and your home deserves the best

Choosing the right painter for your needs

May 1st, 2017

Browsing for a painting company for your home could be very stressful.  There are many questions you can ask yourself before choosing the right company. Like, what are your needs, what is your budget, Could the company accomplish what you are looking for, is the crew going to be professional, and many more questions.  Indeed, you need to choose the right company to accomplish your expectations.  At SUPERIOR PAINTING we care about your questions, concerns, and your needs.  We care about every project as a piece of art, and we will not stop until we accomplish the best results.  There are many painting companies that will go to paint your house, and then will leave.  SUPERIOR PAINTING goes further, we treat your project as ours, and we will not be happy until we see a smile in your face.

Does the quality of the paint make a difference?

April 30th, 2017

Yes it does! Sometimes to save extra dollars people tend to go for the cheaper paint.  However, this is not a good option, because the lifetime of your cabinets will be much shorter resulting in the paint failing, or in the process of painting, making the look of your cabinets be very far from what your expectations were.  What does this mean?  Spend again the money your invested in your cabinets twice.  Why would you choose to spend twice this money while you can get it done once neatly and beautifully.  This is why the best painters work with the best material.  At Superior Painting we work with the best to get only the best results.

New cabinets vs. refinished cabinets

Is it worth it to spend a lot of money in new cabinets?

You can have a better look on refinished cabinets.  Customize it according to your taste.  You can customize by colors, sheen, look and save money at the same time.  Also, sometimes the material quality of old cabinets is better that the ones that are made now.  You also have the option to relocate your fixtures while the painting is in process.  Something you cannot do with the new ones.