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"Quality and Customer satisfaction is our priority, because you and your house deserves the best"

SUPERIOR PAINTING was created to bring our customers the highest quality of Craftsmanship and Customer service, we take pride on what we do, because we put our hearts on it, we treat our customer the way we  would like to be treated, no project is more important than the others, every project is very   important to us. 

Liability Insurance

$2,000,000 Aggregate

The Liability insurance will cover the cost or replace any properly damage caused by SUPERIOR PAINTING.

Note: SUPERIOR PAINTING will always be professional and careful with all customer property.  

Background Check

SUPERIOR PAINTING cares for our customers.

Every customer deserves the right to know that the workers of the company are trustworthy.  This is why all of Superior Painting employees are background checked.

Meet our Employees

Cabinet and Interior Specialist

Meyvin  A.  Gudiel.

Cabinet and interior specialist.

Experience on Cabinet Refinishing, Wood work (staining, Clear Coats), Fixture Relocation (Knobs and Handles), Faux and Distressed finishes, Interior Painter, Furniture Refinishing, Backsplash Installation, Counter top Re Polish, Artist Paint  and Custom Children's Design.  

I am a very detailed person, nothing escapes from my eyes, very organized, clean, very professional, high skills on customer service, (OSHA certified).

My customers  call me an artist, because the final product looks like a Master Piece. 

Distressed Finishing

Cannot say enough about Meyvin; the high quality of his work. A sealed station was set up in my garage, so they was not a drop of paint where there should't be. He consulted with me throughout the entire process. He and his assistant were so pleasant, polite and they took extra care. They did not come into the house without booties over their shoes!! Most important, they finish product is beautiful.

I get compliments on the armories all the time can't wait for friends to have painting needs so i can recommend him.

Mary Jo Herman